Do you find yourself giving your ALL to all of the "things" and "people", only to feel depleted, unfulfilled, and even BEHIND, as YOU and YOUR things, never seem to make the priority list? Would you be unsure of what 'your things' are, if you were given 10 extra hours per day to pursue them? Perhaps you do have some of what you want, on YOUR priority list, but this makes you feel guilty and "selfish"? If you agree with any of the above, odds are, you've had moments of sadness, anxiety, exhaustion, loneliness, feeling stuck, heartbreak, confusion, resentment and even struggling relationships. YES, it's all connected!

I help clients dig themselves out from under all things in the way of living a life that is unapologetically centered on a free and authentic SELF! I use intergenerational systemic theories, mindfulness techniques and awareness of culture, power and privilege, to help clients enhance their lives and protect their peace, from the inside-out.

It may be hard to say aloud, but if you feel validated, intrigued or even put-off by any of the above, learning to put a bit more SELF at the center of your Personal Space, may be just the thing that gets you feeling better! Let me, a relationship expert, help you nourish the most important relationship in your life, and watch how 'your life' responds. "YOU have the right to be the center of YOUR world!"

*Dr. Symphonie Smith is a Licensed Independent Marriage and Family Therapist and AAMFT Approved Supervisor, who has been practicing for over 8 years. She is the Owner and Founder of Personal Space: Self-Centering Therapy, LLC where she combines Bowen Family Systems Theory with mindfulness techniques and the awareness of intersectionality to help her clients BE safe, nurturing and liberating spaces for THEMSELVES. She proudly supports racial, gender and sexual minorities-those who are most in need of safe spaces!

Contact Dr. Smith for a free 15 min consult or more information about her clinical work. Great hours to try to connect with her are between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST.

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