Dear Busy Black woman,

Are you the center of all the things and would give anything to GET just a small piece of what you GIVE to others every day? Does it feel like you're always the only one who can get the job done [done right anyway], even in situations you’d rather not be a part of? Are you generally good at “making it happen, no matter what” but you’re just not up for it these days? You may even be here looking for a therapist and not even really sure what you want to work on …

If you can say yes to any of this, I imagine you are EXHAUSTED, feeling stuck and misunderstood, sad, irritated and maybe feeling alone in all that you do and desire … for yourself, your relationships and your loved ones. You may even be new to therapy or prioritizing your mental health. Guess what, YOU ARE SEEN!

What if I told you that taking up more Personal Space, could get you more energy, peace, rest, TIME and healthier relationships?

If you are even the least bit curious about why I’d be willing to bet that more of YOU is really what you need, let’s connect for a FREE CONSULTATION! Schedule here: https://zencare.co/provider/therapist/symphonie-smith

Every therapist is not for everyone, so fit is important and consultations are great to feel this out. Here are a few details to get a head start on seeing if we fit! Clients who tend to do well with my style of therapy are:

1. Willing [even if they’re scared] to hold the mirror up to themselves and rip Band-Aids off
2. Unafraid to ask questions and be a part of the process, intentionally
3. Used to thinking deeply and open to deep reflection
4. Excited about learning so they appreciate things like homework, challenges, and suggested readings
5. Tired of being in-charge and crave a place where they can just BE

What is my style?
As a family therapist, I use various family therapy theories, cognitive therapy, mindfulness, lots of imagery and psychoeducation to help clients … make time for learning themselves, so they may embrace themselves and ultimately prioritize themselves, while doing no harm to others! Let me, a relationship expert, help you nourish the most important relationship in your life, and watch how 'your life' responds. "YOU have the right to be the center of YOUR world!"

*Dr. Symphonie Smith is a Licensed Independent Marriage and Family Therapist and AAMFT Approved Supervisor, who has been practicing for over 8 years. She proudly supports racial, gender and sexual minorities-those who are most in need of safe spaces!

Great hours to try to connect with her are between 1:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. EST., M-F.

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