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*NOTE: My services are available to individuals residing in GA and NY.*

Hi, I'm Dr. Spesh, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in culturally informed treatment of anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and other stress-related disorders. My work has specifically focused on Black women’s mental health, trauma (including military combat and sexual trauma), and individuals experiencing marginalization and/or minority stress (e.g. Black women/men, Ethnic/Racial minorities/People of Color, LGBTQ identified individuals).

I am a Yale trained clinician with over a decade of experience in providing psychotherapy. Currently, I am the owner of D.I.V.E. Therapy & Consulting, LLC, where I provide mental health evaluations, diversity consulting, and individual therapy focused on a number of issues (e.g., relationship challenges, life stress, minority stress, identity, anxiety, depression, and PTSD). Additionally, I am the author of an interactive blog series entitled Sis: A Collection of Love Letters to Black Women Looking for Love (available at www.sisbydrspesh.com).

As an experienced therapist, I recognize that people seek therapy for a range of clinical and/or life issues, but the common goal is reducing and addressing barriers that get in the way of living a fulfilling life. If what you have read is consistent with your needs, contact me for free 15 minute consultation to see if D.I.V.E. is a good fit for you.

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