Wellness is Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Wellness is multifaceted, spanning many areas of your life: mental/emotional, physical, spiritual, social, occupational, financial, and more. Sometimes in life, though, we get stuck in focusing so hard on being well in one area that we inadvertently forget about the others. In laying the foundation of our careers, we unknowingly neglect our relationships. In securing “the bag”, we blindly sacrifice health and rest. In constantly extending ourselves to others, we overlook the importance of regularly investing in ourselves. But…

You owe it to yourself to be well, fully.

You deserve better. You deserve to feel fulfilled and balanced. You deserve to feel at peace and secure. You deserve a life of purpose, crafted by your own design, rather than one constrained by outside limitations.

I’d love to help guide and empower you in finding balance and crafting a purpose-filled life of your own choosing.

I’m Dr. Shiquina Andrews, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist based in Houston, Texas. Through my Level 3 Wellness Consulting, PLLC practice, I offer office-based, individual assessment and psychotherapy services for adults in the greater Houston area. I also offer tele-psychotherapy via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing to adult clients throughout Texas. I obtained my PhD in Medical/Clinical Psychology. I was also recently board-certified in Clinical Health Psychology. Accordingly, much of my work has been helping people with various chronic health concerns cope better with their condition and/or make changes to improve their health. However, I also more generally work with people on improving stress, reducing depression, improving interpersonal skills/relationships, increasing motivation for change, and increasing their general personal awareness and self-confidence. My therapeutic approach is rooted in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), as I believe in the interconnection between our core beliefs and how we experience life. However, I do use other modalities (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Motivational Interviewing) as they "fit" for the person and their concerns. Finally, I believe in the importance and impact of intersectional identity (i.e., the interplay of our race/ethnicity, gender & sexual identities, religious/spiritual background, class, etc.) on one's life experiences, and thus take a multicultural approach to therapy.

If you’re looking for a therapist that is empathetic yet honest, who will give you the nudge you need, I’d love to set up a consultation so we can discuss your needs further. Of note, I'm more readily available by email than phone, but feel free to leave a message if you call.

***UPDATE (8/12/22): I am still on a THERAPY client hiatus, but if you and/or your provider are interested in psychological testing to build insight and/or better inform current treatment, I am happy to accept assessment-only referrals at this time.

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