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embodied truth healing & psychological services is a space for intentional healing of the whole self - Mind/Body/Heart/Spirit. It is an intimate and intentional space for seeking truth. Life has its ways of wedging itself in tiny spaces, in our minds, bodies, and self perceptions -- often creating illusions about who we are, and inevitably separating us from our personal truths. This happens particularly when we are navigating difficult life transitions and relationship/family challenges, in experiencing/remembering trauma/abuse, and in pursuit of becoming a better version of ourselves. my name is dr. shena young and I believe healing happens when we approach it holistically, in pursuit of truth. I see myself as a mirror of personal truth, clarity, and wholeness and am intentional in co-creating a space that allows my clients to experiment with authenticity and vulnerability. I specialize in working with womxn of color and survivors of trauma, with an emphasis on restoring connection to the body/intuition. In the spirit of wholeness and embodiment, I incorporate body-centered approaches, including trauma-informed yoga, energy healing, and techniques that help rebalance the senses and physiology of the body. I am looking forward to upcoming launch of my program, healing on the mat, a 10 week online workshop series created for black womxn survivors of sexual trauma. the program centers, trauma informed yoga, meditation, & creative interventions for healing mind, body, heart, & spirit. stay close for registration updates by adding your information via the following link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pUFzD_x7iQD4oqcSCGkaYbCyWeUG07sjO8kjgnPZDOE/edit

I look forward to hearing from you!

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