I am a queer, Black, Latina originally from Costa Rica. I provide bilingual services in English and Spanish. A licensed psychologist who graduated from Columbia University (2010) with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, I am based in Baltimore, Maryland and available for virtual services in all PsyPact states. As a Relational Cultural Therapist (RCT) my authentic style, relational focus, and cultural awareness make me an active and empathic partner in the therapeutic process.

Experiences throughout our lifetime contribute to our strengths, challenges, connections and disconnections with the people in our lives. In a world filled with beauty, injustice, kindness, oppression and joy, our experiences become the framework through which we view the world. Therapy is a journey we embark on together as we move towards increased understanding and healing. Take a step toward increased fulfillment, empowerment and, ultimately, the freedom to live the life you deserve! Sessions will allow you to explore and gain insights about your life that can help improve general well-being. Counseling often includes opportunities to hear new perspectives, identify personal patterns, increase self-compassion, raise awareness, and utilize positive coping skills. Together, we will create a safe and collaborative connection where you can feel supported.

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