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Dr. Spooner sees you in your highest emanation doing what you came here to do, and she provides practices for you to be able to achieve this. For those who are inclined, she can incorporate a spirit-based focus. In her capacity as a psychologist with over two decades of clinical experience, she can help you with a broad range of issues including: Developing your business/career, depression, stress and anxiety, the need for support in achieving your goals, relationship conflicts, the search for a mate, and children's behavior and emotional challenges. See insurance info below.

Spiritual counseling and ancestral readings:
Dr. Spooner also offers spiritual counseling and ancestral readings. She can guide you on a journey to experience the boundless healing potential of the spirit realms. Clarify your soul's mission, receive counsel from ascended masters, discover the past life origins of present obstacles, receive rituals from guides and ancestors to bring balance into your life. Gift yourself with these powerful tools!

Spiritual development group: Healing Through African Spirituality.
This group is for people of African descent who would like to deepen their spiritual practice as well as their path to wellness. Learn how your spiritual traditions can serve as a tool to expand your emotional wellbeing and all aspects of your life.

Dr. Spooner accepts any insurance plan that covers out-of-network providers. You can inquire with your insurance company or the HR department at your workplace.

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