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Being called strong feels more like an insult than a compliment these days. You’re tired of being strong because in reality you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, unseen, and uncared for. Of course, you have friends. People say they love you. Everyone admires how successful you are and praises you for all you’ve accomplished, but you’re always questioning yourself. “Do I have any value outside of my titles, roles, and success?” You feel stuck, but you also don’t believe you have a reason to feel bad because God has blessed you with so much. So instead of being “ungrateful,” you suck it up, grin and bear it, keep it moving. Suffering in silence along the way.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore. We will work together to help you evaluate your life as it currently is and then design the life you truly want. One that is not overwhelming and consumed by worry and guilt, but instead a life that is filled with joy, contentment, and ease. I will support you in learning to cope better and feel more aligned with walking in your purpose.

Creating a supportive environment for you to feel safe in your healing journey is of paramount importance to me. I firmly believe you can change and create a life that you love. I’m here to support you in doing so.

I am an integrative therapist that looks at mental health from an individual, familial, societal, and spiritual lens. This means I think about your history and the unique experiences that make you, you, in order to develop a plan to address your specific mental health needs. In practice, I primarily approach therapy from a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and womanist psychological lenses. CBT helps us to identify the thoughts and actions that are keeping you stuck and from feeling how you want to feel. Womanist psychology helps us to acknowledge the distinctive cultural factors that impact Black women and have an impact on their mental health as well as gives us cultural congruent ways to navigate these challenges.

If you’re ready to take that first step in your healing journey, I’m ready to go with you. Schedule your first appointment today. I have immediate openings.

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