Choose WeARE Mental Health Services, LLC is owned by Dr. Raven C Evans, a licensed clinical psychologist, who provides therapy and assessment services to adolescents and adults. Dr. Evans has over five years of clinical experience. She specializes in group therapy for Black women, where shared healing and growth can be fostered. Dr. Evans finds value in creating safe spaces for Black girls/women to process life stressors. We aim to de-stigmatize seeking help for mental health, and empowering our Black communities to nurture mental and physical well-being equally. Individual and couple's therapy for Black women and their partners are other services offered to assist within your healing journey. Dr. Evans also conducts bi-annual wellness retreats for Black women with more retreats on the rise! To learn more about her practice and services offered outside of therapy, visit her website below for additional information.

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Group therapy fosters a level of community and connection with others who may share similar struggles. Within this setting, you can learn from others, share your insights and support for others, and grow with those around you. Each group will include 8 members and you will commit to an 8 week group therapy series focused on improving your mental health and strengthening your healing journey. This group is specifically reserved for women and teens of color, 16 years old & up. Group topics will be relevant to your unique needs. Some groups may include mediation, yoga, and off-site therapeutic activities. Some groups may request "homework" in between group sessions to deepen your commitment to your overall healing. The group therapy payment must be paid in full and up front through your client portal. The payment covers all 8 sessions. All groups will be held in person. If you miss a session throughout the series, it is non refundable. We look forward to creating this space for women of color; for us, by us. Visit chooseweare.com for more information on how to book group sessions!