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I firmly believe that relationships are the core of the human experience. We are inherently social and cannot function optimally in silos. I utilize the clinical relationship to provide support, understanding, practice, and modeling to help clients improve the relationships with others as well as their own personal relationship with self. Psychodynamically oriented, I like to offer insight into that which precipitates and maintains current difficulties while utilizing Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) techniques to foster problem-solving and coping.

Having worked in the field for 15 years, I treat a variety of concerns related to depression, anxiety, cultural & racial identity, ADHD, adjustment difficulties, relationship issues, & maladaptive coping to name a few. My approach exudes authenticity and warmth to provide a safe space for collaborative work. Please email info@northmetropsych.com to express interest, ask questions, and/or schedule a video consultation.

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