Towson, Maryland 21204, United States of America


Issue: Traumatic Grief and Bereavement
Treatment Modality: Integrative

Certified Grief Counseling Specialist
Certified Trauma Professional
Certified Telemental Health Provider - Associate

B.A. Spelman College
M.A. Counseling, New York University
Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, New York University

“There is a tendency to underestimate how intensely distressing and disabling loss usually is and for how long the distress, and often the disablement, commonly lasts…There is a tendency to suppose that a normal healthy person can and should get over a bereavement not only fairly rapidly but also completely. But, loss of a loved person is one of the most intensely painful experiences any human being can suffer.” – John Bowlby, Loss, Sadness, and Depression

I provide compassionate and culturally responsive online and in-office grief therapy for Maryland African American women and men in states of distress in response to the death of a loved one days, weeks, months, or years after the loss. My structured and integrative approach to grief and bereavement therapy is informed by my studies of: (1) trauma, grief and bereavement, (2) my own experience with traumatic loss, and, (3) my religious, spiritual, and, holistic wellness studies and practices. It includes somatic, nature-based, artistic, emotion-focused, cognitive and behavioral interventions, and practices from the Black Church religious tradition.

Please see Google reviews for my practice by copying and pasting this link: https://goo.gl/maps/CzCx6rmc1ABsa7BK9

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