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We all attempt to stop the feelings of depression and anxiety by doing it on our own. I bet you’ve tried physical distractions, talking with friends and family (sometimes strangers), online searches and endless hours on medical websites such as WebMd, trying to figure out what is going on with you. Even if you have support from your loved ones, sometimes they just don’t get it or maybe they just don’t know how to help you. Moving on is harder than people think but it is possible to feel empowered and take charge of your own life, to adjust, accept and live in peace. That’s where I step in! I’m a clinical psychologist and have extensive experience in helping people overcome or manage health issues, relationship issues and work-related stressors. My approach to one on one therapy is primarily CBT in nature and my goal is to help you understand why these feelings of depression, anxiety, perfectionism, inattention or whatever the familiar feelings may be continues to interfere with your life. The process of therapy involves taking actionable steps to reducing stressors, changing unproductive behaviors and limiting negative thought patterns. I see primarily couples, adults, and older adults.

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