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Are you seeking therapy to heal from trauma, reduce depression, or overcome anxiety? Is your daily life leaving you feeling empty, stressed, highly emotional, or burned out? Have you been struggling with balancing the demands of your career, romantic relationship, or family? If you're experiencing difficulty managing your health and happiness, please know that you're not alone. As women, we face unique challenges in our emotional, personal, and social lives. Undoubtedly, as Black women we have had difficulty finding a safe space, where we can naturally nurture our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

However, there is hope! I own and operate Asili Wellness, and offer sustainable products and holistic therapeutic services to naturally nurture women's health and wellness. I specialize in women’s wellness and provide a holistic and integrative approach to address mental (emotional, psychological, social), physical, and spiritual health. My practice offers yoga, yoga + talk therapy (yoga merged with traditional talk therapy), and couples therapy to improve your health and well-being.

There are steps we can take, and changes we can make to cultivate peace in your life and thrive! I would love to walk alongside you in creating your happy and enhancing your ability to naturally promote health, prevent disease, encourage self-sustainability, and foster healing in your own life! Email, call, or schedule a free Brief Consultation today to start your journey.

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