we heal in community. activating our personal and collective healing is the core of realizing our capacity for change. through a collaborative therapeutic process, we work together to explore your emotional landscape, experiences, family and community dynamics, social and economic systems that impact this and identify practices that support your embodied adaptation and healing. together, we hold space for intentional change that grows our capacity to embody the liberated and just worlds we long for.

i view my role as a therapist to be a witness + collaborator co-conspiring in your journey in healing + liberation. my clinical approach is relational, rooted in healing justice, and is trauma-oppression informed. i engage my work grounded in my identities as a Black queer, non-binary femme and view intersectionality as foundational for therapeutic exploration. i focus on centering the voices of those often forced to the margins of society (e.g., Black, Brown + Indigenous folx, LGBTQIA +, trans, gender-expansive people, immigrants + undocumented folx, neurodistinct folx, sex workers, kinky + sex-positive folx, people in various relationship structures).

in recognizing the connection between individual and systemic trauma, somatic work allows me to incorporate a body-based approach to widening the range of sensations and emotions we are more able to feel and be present with. working through the body as the holder of ancestral resilience and an inherent capacity for healing. when we engage in healing through a liberatory and embodied practice, we create pathways to wholeness and connection. i support my clients in cultivating this life force and develop practices that enliven and pleasure, create openness, and nourish connection to their aliveness.

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