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Your childhood history doesn't have to be your parenting story. When there’s been a theme of disconnection in your childhood, you might experience pangs of leftover emotional issues in your current life. The ups and downs of parenting can poke at old wounds. Especially when you’re trying to break the cycle and create a better childhood for your kids than you had.

It can transform your relationship with your child and others when you’re able to reflect on these issues with more depth. Challenging moments in your past can become opportunities to deepen your connections with others and understand yourself more fully.

I can help you feel more connected and fulfilled, freed from old wiring that triggers you to act in ways that are out of alignment with who you want to be as a parent and as a person.

Our children mirror back to us the deep feelings and beliefs we have about ourselves. It’s so hard to give what we never got. If you want to be present for your child in the ways that adults weren’t able to be for you, you need to show up for yourself first.

I’m passionate about helping parents develop a sense of self-acceptance and self-compassion so that they have more to share with their children - which radiates out into the world we all share. Not a parent, but feel like the unhealthy aspects of your upbringing are leaking into the relationships you care about? I'm here for it. Reach out! Use this link to book your free 15 minute phone consultation: https://brooklynparenttherapy.clientsecure.me

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