Are you struggling to adjust to a chronic health condition? Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed after receiving a new medical diagnosis, experiencing a medical emergency or procedure, or sustaining an injury? Are the health consequences of an illness or injury making it difficult to keep up with the demands of your career, family, and relationships? You may be tired of "pushing through" and doing it all on your own, but what if you didn't have to.

Welcome to Mindful by Design, LLC, a psychotherapy practice designed to help you improve your health, and regain calm in your mind and body after experiencing a medical trauma or living with health-related anxiety and loss. I can provide a safe and supportive space to help you overcome the worry and overwhelm that often comes with a life-changing medical diagnosis or injury. With my expertise in brain- and body-based therapies, you will learn proven ways to reclaim your health, rest, and wellbeing.

If you are ready to get back to living a more active and joy-filled life, then let's begin your journey. Honor yourself by taking the first step toward designing a life that’s mindful and restored.

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