"Have you been feeling confused, desolate, depressed, overly concerned, worried or having intense fears about life and new transitions? Are you questioning your existence, responsibilities and life choices? Do you find yourself reflecting on past hurt and/or trauma that affects your life today?

Do you feel confused stressed and lost? Have you experienced a loss or separation? Have you been feeling like life is not what you expected? Or Having challenges with transitions and fulfilling your life goals? Have you been drinking or using something not so healthy to help you relax or recently had a DUI or was arrested?

Does your relationship feel rough or stuck and has left you feeling disconnected from your partner? Are you feeling overwhelmed with parenting? Does your child have a chronic illness; issues with bulling, following rules, identity, academics, focus and/or making friends?

Journey to find your silver lining with:

Dr. Mish & The Silver Lining Journey Advisers."

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