Have you been avoiding dealing with something hoping that it will go away but it doesn't?

Do you have flashbacks of past trauma & feel "stuck" & can't get past it?

Are you always expecting something bad to happen & find it difficult to relax? With constant worry, anxiety, or panic attacks?

Do you have low self-esteem due to feelings of guilt, self-blame? Or highly critical of yourself and constantly questioning many of your thoughts and decisions?

I know how hard all of this can be whether you’re an adult trying to build your career & longing for close relationships with others or whether you're a parent struggling to be there for your child & family.

I work with adults who have experienced trauma. (whether it's a one-time traumatic event or years of trauma) stop feeling stuck in fear and self-doubt, so that they can finally feel more relaxed, more confident, and better able to enjoy their lives and their loved ones.

I’m certified in both EMDR and IFS therapy and specialize in trauma and anxiety. Our work together can look like traditional weekly sessions or you can ask me about EMDR intensives, ideal for someone who is looking for significant relief as fast as possible.

It's so important to trust your therapist & to believe that you're in good hands. I have helped many adults and families take control of their lives again & I hope to help you too. Call to schedule your free consultation today and get a sense of what our work together will look like. Together, we can create meaningful change in your life! Therapy services are based out of my virtual Westchester office.

I also provide wellness & business coaching for women executives and leaders who want to pivot from corporate careers and create their dream business.

Please visit my website for more information on all of my specialized services and rates.

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Rates can be found here: https://www.mindmattersmhc.com/rates

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