Hey! I'm Dr. Mēgan Pickens. I spent ten years in a troubled relationship and am no stranger to learning to set boundaries. I struggled with setting boundaries for several years and can empathize with others who do. My work with clients is where I specialize in helping High Achieving Black Women (HABW™) set boundaries in their relationships and ask for what they need. I am especially passionate about working with other Counselors and helpers who often give too much away while keeping nothing for themselves. My other specialty includes combating negative beliefs about masculinity.

Any disharmony in a relationship is painful, yet with genuine and eager willingness, couples can recreate their relationship in a way beneficial to both spouses. People often come into counseling feeling wounded by their partner, feeling as if trust and passion are gone. The person they once loved and wanted to their lives with has become a stranger to them. I have been through the pain of divorce; I want to help others navigate that process and avoid feeling that same pain level.

My goal is to encourage my clients to "keep it real" during sessions. As I attempt to bring my authentic self to the counseling process, I believe it will motivate my clients to do the same. I believe in your ability to change and improve your situational issues. During counseling sessions, I balance being gentle and direct when needed. There is no judging or criticism of your choices, but I hope to help you see different perspectives of your situation to ensure you make the best choices for success. As a professional, I remain up to date in my training, clinically sound, and non-judgmental in my approach to ensure that I provide you with quality services.

I require a free 10-minute consultation before scheduling a full session to make sure I'm a good fit for you. The easiest way to schedule is here: https://thevococo.as.me/free-10minute-telephone-consultation.

As a native of Kansas City, Kansas, I studied psychology and sociology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. After earning my bachelor's degree, I earned a master's in family therapy from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, later studying clinical, counseling, and applied psychology at Dallas Baptist University. Upon earning my LPC license in Texas, I founded my practice, The Volition Collective, in 2009. I completed my Ph.D. at Texas Wesleyan University during the pandemic in August 2020. As an LPC Supervisor, I provide supervisor certification, refreshers, and training to seasoned professionals. I have been a mentor and practicum site for counseling students and associates new to the field since the beginning of my practice.

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