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My specialties include working with clients who experience depression, anxiety, and trauma. With me, the healing process involves both talk therapy & exploring how our bodies carry stress. When clients & I both consider it to be helpful, I utilize EMDR, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, & overall body awareness to help maintain emotional and physical balance which results in a clearer sense of direction. This clarity informs our decision-making process when we feel stuck in life. Through the therapeutic process, you will work towards greater inner wisdom which can assist you with making the choices that are healthiest for you.

While our internal guide provides direction to our values and goals, sometimes we experience self-defeating thoughts which take us off course. By learning to understand your internal guide you can build a stronger relationship with yourself; thus, leading to a stronger relationship with pieces outside yourself (work, relationships, etc.).

It's important that you feel comfortable with your therapist. If any of the above resonates with you please feel free to contact me. I am happy to discuss how we might work together. I would be honored to support you on your healing journey.

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