Are you tired of feeling anxious, constantly overthinking, feeling depressed, and finding it hard to focus? And you're ready for some relief and seeking a positive long-term change. Let me guide you to a deeper understanding of how to rewire your anxious brain to better control those intrusive thoughts and ease the anxiety and depression so you can live your desired life. Wouldn't it be great if you could talk to someone who knows how to assist you to overcome your obstacles? I'd like to take the next step with you and assist you with reaching your goals!

I’m Dr. Martin, a licensed therapist, counselor educator, coach and owner of Abundant Care and Consulting Services, LLC. For the last 6 years, I have specialized in helping those who are dealing with anxiety and depression, and are finding it difficult to balance work and life. I will teach you how to use mindfulness techniques and CBT to help you manage your symptoms in the age social distance. Let me help!

So, if you’re struggling to adjust to life changes, have anxiety, depression or maybe you’re a burnout mom or recent grad experiencing post graduation blues, I encourage you to contact me today! So, we can talk about your concerns and work together to find effective solutions to help you make a positive long-lasting change.

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