I’m a licensed psychologist, a consultant and curator of transformative spaces. As such, I have had the privilege to provide individual and group therapy as well as workshops to Black women since 2017. All of the amazing women I have had the privilege to serve are leaders-leading their families, their friendships; leading professionally-getting it done by any means necessary, blazing trails, steering the vision for their teams, departments, and companies, and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. In addition to the stress of their professional roles, many also endure the additional tax of race related stress, microaggressions, and lack of representation in the workplace.

Though Black women are well equipped to be successful on all the aforementioned paths, it is not without a cost- one that Black women pay with a tax on their emotional, physical, and psychological health. And because I am ever aware of that reality, I have dedicated my practice to holding space for Black women to pause from giving to others to give to themselves with the same fierceness, passion, and resolve.

I approach my work with a very critical component; giving Black women permission to pick themselves-their health, well-being, liberation, and their pleasure. Because we live in a world where Black women are valued for what they can produce, who they can save, and how much they can endure, I am dedicated to assisting Black women with cultivating new narratives, ways of being, and engaging that values their humanity, and leads to health, well-being, and evolution.

I seek to understand Black women and the challenges they are facing within their cultural context. Together, I work with Black women to help them identify the aspect of their identities that are most salient and identify the most significant socializing agents in their formative years. That is, what messages of oppression, suppression, sacrifice or silencing have they internalized. What scripts are they operating from, and what relational patterns are they engaging in that are maintaining undesired outcomes? Together, we work towards a journey of liberation and higher version of self.

I am currently accepting new clients in Texas and California who are Black women professionals experiencing challenges practicing vulnerability, navigating race related stress, boundary setting, relational and interpersonal challenges, grief, and role transitions. I am only seeing clients via telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please feel free to email me to request a 20-minute free consultation.

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