You are always so strong and support everyone you know. Sometimes, it is you that is needing support and a listening ear, but where are all the people for you? The aftermath of a traumatic experience can leave you feeling out of control, withdrawn, uncertain about the world and people around you. The depression may have you feeling as though you are not thinking straight or so down that you just can’t get dressed nor be productive. The anxiety may have you so overwhelmed that you feel stuck and unable to complete your daily tasks.
I believe that women & teen girls thrive on relationships, good or not so good. My goal is to create a safe space to explore your experiences objectively and without judgment. You will learn ways to cope/manage your symptoms using CBT, EMDR & DBT. We will develop your strengths in a collaborative, thoughtful, nurturing manner and at your pace.
I can only imagine the relief needed at this time. You are brave to begin this search and ask for help to work through this difficult time. Let me be the first to tell you that you don't have to always have it together and sometimes the strongest people need a little support too. I look forward to hearing from you and walking alongside you in your journey!

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