My former principal once described me as a “natural born” teacher. But I like to think of myself as a “natural born” student.

Over the years, I have grown to love the process of examining underlying causalities that often inflict an individual’s mental health and learning how to apply therapeutic principles to assist with healing deficits and improving functioning. My expertise lies in the areas of working with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness (may be transitioning from acute psychiatric hospitalization), substance abuse, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and at-risk youth. My overall goal is to assist individuals within these populations with maximizing their ability to live, socialize, learn, and work in communities of their choice.

I have a proven track record in working with individuals with Depression (suicidal ideation and or at-tempts), Anxiety as well as Severe and Persistent Mental Illness. I am committed to working with indi-viduals within these populations, primarily because many have a high level of acuity, which demands an intense services and treatment due to the need of various levels of social and health supports. I under-stand that individuals who struggle with mental ill-ness are a heterogeneous group of people whose environmental circumstances, mental, physical, and cognitive health impairments may lead to a deterioration in their ability to function in various life do-mains. This speaks to the necessity of my engaging in clinical practices that adheres to the fidelity of treatment modalities that are influenced by both eco-logical as well as person centered theoretical principles. Because of this, I have invested in the development of therapeutic strategies and techniques to assist with meeting the needs of individuals within this population.

Practice Details