If there were no limits, what would you accomplish? Has anger or anxiety gotten in the way of your dreams? Are you having a difficult time recovering from or letting go of an unhealthy relationship? Is your past preventing you from moving forward? Just know that you have everything within you to overcome your past hurts. More importantly, it is never too late to start over. I use a holistic, non-judgmental, empowerment centered approach to help you face your fears and begin your journey towards self-acceptance and goal achievement.

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Group Therapy Details

Relationship Recovery Series
Post Break-up Support
In Post Break-up Support we will discuss strategies for healing after a breakup and guidance for future relationships. We will also explore the grief and loss associated with the demise of a relationship.

Dating in a Circle: Why do I keep attracting the same person?
We will explore various patterns of thinking and behaviors that may contribute to repeatedly attracting partners who exhibit negative behaviors. Discussions will include how familial relationships may play a role in dating patterns as well as strategies for behavior change.

Toxic vs. Health Relationships
We will discuss cycles of violence which includes physical and emotional as well as strategies for navigating and escaping the relationship. Signs and symptoms will be also explored. Discussions will include the characteristics of a health relationship and strategies for behavioral change.

Moving on: Life After
In this session we will discuss strategies for returning to the dating scene. We will review preparation techniques and the social and emotional aspects of dating.