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As a multi-licensed verified Inclusive Therapist, I work with racially-impacted adult clients (between 30 and 50 years old) across North America who are impacted by anxiety and/or depression as a byproduct of unresolved trauma to help them understand and process the origins of their concerns through a racially-sensitive trauma focused lens. I also work with racially-impacted adult clients seeking to improve their relationships with self and others by helping them understand and process the impact of historical and generational racial trauma on their relationships with themselves, their families, their friends, and their partners. I am a therapist who strives to fully understand my clients and their needs in order to create an optimized approach to meet their goals. I specialize in working primarily with adult men and couples in conflict to help them deal with issues such as infidelity, communication, stress management, anger management, relationship building, sexuality, etc. As the owner of Yolo Therapy, my ultimate goal is the well-being of my clients. For various reasons, many clients are unable to access traditional therapy settings but I do not believe that should prevent them from receiving exceptional services. I have catered my practice to the needs of those who need alternative options to therapy and am here to help you.

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