I’m a Black, multiracial, psychology associate in Washington, D.C., and I provide therapeutic services to adults of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and identities. While I work with all types of people, I have a particular interest in providing services to those who identify as multiracial, biracial, or mixed; BIPOC navigating predominantly white spaces; addressing issues of identity, family, relationships, and multicultural concerns. I also enjoy working with people in the midst of major life transitions - such as pregnancy, postpartum, adoption, marriage, break ups, loss, and career transitions.

You are the expert of your experiences. I am here to help you recognize and celebrate your truth. I use a relational approach to therapy, viewing the therapeutic relationship as an agent that leads to lasting change. I am committed to providing a welcoming, caring, and respectful environment in which you can express and process your feelings.

In addition, I offer mentorship to graduate students studying clinical psychology, and can help people process psychedelic experiences, working to integrate insights or cope with challenging feelings that may arise. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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