We all go through things that can cause you to feel angry, nervous, ashamed, hurt, disappointed, confused, unbalance, or even just concerned. It is often those experiences mixed with negative feelings/emotions that can create chaos or disharmony on our life's. It is my belief that any issue, no matter how big or small, left unresolved has the potential to birth new experiences that can either create or continue an unhealthy cycle. My desire is to provide you with the space/environment were you can journey to your desired level of peace by exploring and processing the issue(s).

I utilize an integrated approach which includes CBT, Trauma Informed Care, Motivational Interviewing (MI), DBT skills, Dream Work, and EMDR to help my clients process through their experiences in a healthy manner. It is my hope, that our experience will help you create new ways to cope with stressors/triggers.

I enjoy working with individuals, families, and couples. So, wheither you are struggling with substance use, depression, anger management, relationship problems, or self-esteem issues I would love to help you work through this season of your life. Please call for your 10-15 minute free consultation.

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