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**ALERT**Due to the social distancing precautions recommended in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am currently serving all my clients via teletherapy. I use a secure Audio/Video solution that allows us to meet virtually. If you are in need of support right now, just reach out to me & we will schedule an initial Free 20 minute phone consultation.

Congratulations! Taking the steps to improve upon your current life is brave & deserves recognition as this is you taking charge of your future joy. We all have challenges whether past or present but what sets us apart is the ability to recognize what they are & move in a direction of healing. We will assist with you unlearning some of those unwanted behaviors that just won’t stop following you around. In addition, we will help you recognize patterns & explore experiences around emotions that might be troubling for your life. This will allow you to feel more joy & begin to paint the new colors in your rainbow. Are You Ready?

After exploring past challenges that might have caused some of your current stresses, anxieties, or feelings of inadequacy we will provide tools to combat those emotions & move forward with hope & living a happier more fulfilling life. We will offer compassionate & empathetic support through your life journey. You are already taking steps in this process!

We can assist whether you are currently in a relationship, leaving one soon, trying to find one, attempting to co-parent after a divorce or trying to navigate the world of dating, we can help you establish a sense of enhanced communication & love for you. We would be happy to join you on your journey to finding your true potential in this world. Call today!

***We Do Not Accept Managed Care/Health Insurances***
However, we are accessible to and for all populations and have several very competitive self pay options including deeply discounted introductory package rates, monthly memberships and sliding fee scale options!
Call for your Free 20-minute Phone Consultation NOW 267-455-4009!

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