Being in a romantic relationship can be stressful when trying to manage so many other things in your life. In the beginning, the relationship was great but took a difficult turn and now you’re considering ending it. Are you feeling burnt out in trying to solve current relationship problems? Wonder if you are putting too much into the relationship. Feel like communication isn’t working? You feel like it’s taking extra energy that you don’t have. Do you want to end the relationship but don’t know how you won’t end up in a similar relationship with the same problems down the road?

Imagine yourself in a space where your relationship isn't consuming your life. Picture yourself in a romantic relationship that feels balanced. You can set healthy boundaries and feel safe. There is more control. You can get to the root of your relationship patterns and heal. You're in a relationship that gives your energy, not take it away.

It's an honor to listen to you share your feelings and challenges. I love working with adults in stressful romantic relationships, especially those who identify as BIPOC and LGBTQ+. Schedule a 15-minute complimentary virtual consultation to discuss your needs and how I can provide a safe space to guide you toward growth, self-awareness, and control.

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