Dr. Lewis specializes treats adults with childhood trauma and family histories of mental illness who are in stressful romantic relationships.

Dr. Lewis' clients identify as LGBTQ+, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Do you feel overwhelmed with their feelings and like you can't think straight? Are your feelings stronger than usual? Is your anger more fiery than usual, sadness deeper and more painful, and your worry seems never-ending? You may need to end the relationship you are in and wonder why you keep dating the same type of people. Being in a romantic relationship shouldn't be this hard. The stress is taking over your life.

Imagine yourself in a space where your emotions don't feel like they are taking over. You can balance setting healthy boundaries while having really meaningful relationships. You can reflect on the scars from your past without feeling like they took so much away from you. You feel like you are growing in the right direction.

It's a privilege to listen to you share your feelings and the challenges you face. Your time is valuable, especially on your healing journey. Every minute counts. Schedule a 15-minute complimentary virtual consultation to discuss your needs and how I can provide a safe space to guide you on your journey towards growth, self-awareness, and control.

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