As we work together, my goal is to help you strengthen your self-awareness and self-esteem so that you can feel confident discerning the type of person you want to evolve into and make decisions that align with who you are at your core.
I enjoy working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds striving to foster healthy relationships, friendships, and family dynamics. Together we can figure out where you are feeling stuck and the steps you can take to get closer to having a better relationship with yourself and the people you care about in your life.
Relationships come with challenges, but with the right tools, you can better navigate situations that provide space for you to communicate your thoughts and emotions that reflect how you genuinely feel. I look forward to working alongside you to address the challenges you experience with nurturing a better relationship with yourself, your partner, and/or your loved ones.

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    New Jersey, New York
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    Online and In-Office
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    Evening (after 5p), Weekend (Sat/Sun)
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Group Therapy Details

Romantic Relationship Group: In this group, we will discuss the characteristics of a healthy romantic relationship and how to communicate effectively with your partner(s) or potential partner(s). This group is for anyone that desires to explore and identify their romantic relationship needs, learn about unhealthy relationship behaviors and patterns, improve their communication skills within the context of a romantic relationship, set and uphold boundaries, maintain a self-identity within the relationship, and many other topics that will be discussed.

Sister's Circle: Black Women's Empowerment Group: This group provides a safe space for Black women to discuss their unique racial and cultural experiences and to be a part of a supportive community. In the Sister Circle group, we will discuss your experiences as a Black woman within your home, community, society, and place of work. We will discuss microaggressions, relationships, self-esteem, and friendships among many other topics. You will learn ways to better navigate your world by effectively balancing racial, cultural, and social expectations and personal life goals, improve your self-esteem and confidence, and learn healthy coping strategies.