Are you feeling stuck or unfulfilled? Are you unable to appreciate where you are and who you are right now? Is being present in the moment a struggle for you?

If these questions resonate with you:

* I encourage you to allow yourself the space to sit with your thoughts and feelings, and ask “why is that?"

* I challenge you to commit to gaining a better understanding of any unhealthy patterns that impact how you care for yourself and make space for others.

*I invite you to take the necessary steps to grow, make positive changes, and recognize that you are deserving and capable.

My name is Dr. Danielle Seraile and I am a licensed clinical psychologist whose approach to therapy is led by the belief that we can all benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that propel us through life. During sessions, through a lens of compassion, I partner with clients to overcome personal obstacles and work toward achieving balance, self-acceptance, healthy relationships, and greater satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning more about my approach, please visit my website to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.