Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy:
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) isn’t your usual talk therapy. CBT is evidence-based, and it’s structured and action-oriented. It’s powerful because it’s focused on the present, and its results are life changing and long lasting. As your cognitive-behavioral therapist, I will first listen and then serve as your teacher and coach. We’ll work together as a team all the way. Together we’ll decide how long your therapy will last, and choose an effective and cost-efficient treatment plan. We’ll select which self-help homework activities for you to try between sessions. We’ll define clear and measurable goals. These goals and your unique needs may change during the process. And that’s okay because we’ll frequently discuss your progress.

And you know what? Coping skills are better than any medicine money can buy! You’ll be armed with practical skills to identify and modify any self-defeating patterns of thought and behavior. The point of therapy is for you to feel better and to get on with your life— without the therapist. Some of my clients return at a later point for a brief “tune-up” or focus on another issue. The point is it’s all about you.

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