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I'm a young, black, LGBTQ+ identifying psychologist, who's second generation raised by Caribbean-immigrant parents; and I'm originally from New York city. Before moving to San Francisco & Los Angeles, I lived in Miami, FL. I primarily provide therapy to clients between the ages of 18-45, who live all over the state of California.

Many mental health providers disagree, but I do believe we have the power to choose our emotions. Watch, I'll show you!

I couple evidenced-based treatments, wellness perspectives, Eastern theories, a conscious awareness approach - geared towards creating intrinsic & extrinsic progress. Your progress may include improved relationships, increased motivation, stronger sense of self-value, greater career & academic success, a reduction of painful & distressful emotions/unwanted behaviors.

I specialize in working with adults who experience depression, anxiety disorders (agoraphobia, panic disorder, social anxiety, specific phobias), OCD, insomnia, chronic pain, relationship challenges, heartbreak, phase-of-life stressors, procrastination behaviors & LGBTQ/Race related trauma & unfavorable experiences. I provide face-to-face therapy, online therapy, & in-vivo exposure therapy.

My goal is to work towards understanding both the nature of your unwanted emotions & the recurrence of your unfavorable experiences. We’ll discuss what you’d gain, what you’d keep, & what you’d choose to no longer experience. With that information, we'll create your version of happiness.

Full Disclosure: my therapy style is very assertive. I've always been someone who has a lot of energy, and I love bringing that into my sessions. I'm very upfront; I'll say things like "Yes, your feelings are valid - & so?" "That doesn't mean they serve you". In other words, I may come off as less "delicate" than most therapists. Basically, I don't believe that my role is to help you "feel better": My goal is to help you change your life - Period!

SIDE NOTE: I respond faster to messages/emails instead of calls.

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