Are you an adult trying to manage your way through this thing we call life? Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, communication, and relationships?

I want to work with you to find what patterns, thoughts, and behaviors block your peace and happiness. I will provide you with interventions, strategies, coping skills, and alterative perspectives to help you achieve your goals. My therapy approach focuses on strengths and skills that you already have in you and the skills that we can develop together. I am committed to helping you live an intentional life based on your values and goals. I also offer couples therapy to help those experiencing challenges within their current romantic relationships.

Allow me to show you how to cope with any mental health symptoms, improve your self confidence, communicate more effectively, and establish boundaries to surround yourself with only those who genuinely care for you. Lets take steps to move towards your future with confidence!

The Green Garden is currently full at this time. Feel free to fill out the following form or contact the office if you would like to join the waitlist:

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