There are situations in life that can occur that can be very overwhelming. However, you do not have to tackle these issues alone! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is primarily the approach that I utilize. I will work collaboratively to assist you in identifying attainable goals. I believe that it is also vital to assist individuals increase their awareness about the situation(s) they are facing. After identifying barriers to your wellness we will then work to identify alternatives to resolving the presenting concern(s). The goal is to hopefully assist you to become more aware of potential solutions to resolve the problem at hand.

I will intentionally work to create a safe and healthy therapeutic environment for the, at times, difficult work that will be explored within sessions. During our time together we will work to gain greater insight into the issue and set realistic goals to resolve the presenting concern.

Upon identifying these thought patterns I will work to assist you in hopefully finding healthier and more positive ways to view situations present in your life and alleviate distress. Contact me so that I can assist you with navigating these experiences. You are not alone!

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