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I’m a licensed psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist in the state of Georgia. Hypnotherapy is an efficient treatment modality in that persons tend to experience significant relief from their mental health concerns in a shorter amount of time than from traditional talk therapy.

I specialize in grief and trauma. I specialize in providing psychological services to professional black women, creatives, and empaths, and in improving mother/daughter relationships.

I help professional black women and creatives experience freedom, increase their self-esteem and self-confidence, discover their authentic selves, and create fulfilling lives.

I help improve mother and daughter relationships. I help them express themselves more effectively and authentically and compromise in order to resolve conflict or solve problems.

I help grieving persons identify, understand, and express their grief related emotions, feel connected to their deceased loved one(s), cope with their new reality, and discover who they are now that their loved one(s) are no longer alive.

I help empaths identify, understand, and effectively express their emotions and develop emotional regulation skills to decrease their emotional vulnerability. I help them use their gift of sensitivity and compassion to discover and live out their purpose.

I help persons who have experienced trauma feel safe, cope with their trauma history, regulate their emotions, trust themselves to make healthy and safe choices, experience joy, and create new narratives that are free from trauma.

Therapy is an investment into your mental health and overall well-being. I currently accept private pay clients.

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