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I am a passionate licensed psychologist and hypnotherapist. I want to help women utilize their passion to improve their mental health and overall wellness.

Oftentimes, black women who are unfulfilled with their lifestyles and careers experience burnout and feel angst, unfulfilled, unhappy, and overwhelmed. I also enjoy working with creative and artistic women who are grappling with the above concerns. I know what it feels like to be unfulfilled with lifestyle and career. I believe that we all deserve to be happy and fulfilled. Therefore, I am eager to help women who are motivated to modify their lifestyles and/or careers in order to create lives that result in them feeling fulfilled, happy, and relaxed. I help them discover their purpose and passion, embrace their authenticity, understand how their spirituality impacts their lives, welcome ease into their lives, and create the lifestyles and careers they want.

I am passionate about helping black women and adolescent black girls (13 years old and older) overcome anxiety in social situations so that they may fully experience life. I overcame shyness and want to continue to help adolescent girls and women overcome social anxiety. I offer meditation, mindfulness, imaginal experiences, hypnotherapy, and exposure and response prevention to increase their self-confidence, decrease their self-consciousness and anxiety in social situations, and calm their minds, bodies, and nervous systems.

I had an awesome relationship with my Mommy! I want to help other mothers and daughters experience a healthy mother and daughter relationship. I am often able to hear both perspectives and help them hear each other’s hurt, concerns, and needs. I am successful in helping mothers and daughters improve their relationships when love is underneath their hurt and conflict. I teach them effective communication, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills. I help them understand their roles and teach them how to develop healthy boundaries.

Please schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Therapy is a financial investment into your mental health and overall wellness. The money you spend on therapy is minimal to the healing and wellness that you will soon embody. I accept private pay. I offer a sliding fee scale for highly motivated clients who, based on their household income, cannot afford to pay the amount that I typically charge for therapy.

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