You’re losing your sense of self, if you can even say you know yourself to begin with. The things you previously used to get by no longer serve you. Overwhelmed and trying to act like everything is okay, when the truth is, you feel like a mess. You hope no one notices, but you know you will be found out soon. You’ve tried therapy before, but it didn’t work. You are looking for someone who just gets you and understands what you’re bringing into the room so you don’t have to explain what should already be understood. You want a place to just come and be yourself without having to keep up appearances like you do everywhere else.

You’ve achieved all the things you’ve put your mind to, but you really struggle to just be yourself. It’s like you’re constantly wearing a mask to the point where you don’t even recognize you anymore. It’s time to learn how to recognize and follow your own voice rather than be antagonized by your inner critic- a voice that doesn’t belong to you.

Well I’m here to help you let it all go, pick up the pieces and put them back in an order that feels right for you. Together, we will go on a journey of self-discovery. We will identify themes that may be present in your life, especially from earlier in your life and help you get clarity about your own power over your life now. I will create a space in which you feel heard, and understood. A safe space for you to let your guard down so you can do the work. I want to help you write your own story and trust your own inner voice, not just live by what was given to you.

You can learn to prioritize yourself, pour into yourself, fill your cup. You can let go of the examples of self-sacrifice that have taught you how to exist as a Black woman in this world and create your own new ways of being. We can create an inner voice that guides you into a life of fulfillment and peace and truly knowing you. With me, you don’t have to hold your tongue out of fear of being labeled the angry Black woman. You can be free to show up authentically, just as you are.

As a clinician, I utilize an integrative therapeutic approach including aspects of person-centered theory, multicultural counseling theory, and feminist theory, which allows me to meet you where they are. I am also Eye–movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trained.

I bring warmth, empathy, and relatability to all my sessions, while empowering you to speak your truth. I operate in a state of authenticity as a clinician by being grounded in my own culture and identity and valuing your culture and identity.

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