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You don't have to pretend anymore. In our work together, we will go on a journey of unpacking the life experiences that make you who you are today. My clients tend to be painfully aware that they are losing sight of who they are, stuck in relationships that no longer serve them, but they don’t know how to get their power back and have more control over their lives. You need a safe space to let your guard down so you can do the healing work, so you can step fully into your power and trust yourself even when everyone and everything around you is telling you that you can’t. Let me create and hold that space for you. You won’t have to keep up appearances here. You take the cape off.

I specialize in working with Black women and women of color who have worked really hard to get away from the painful experiences of their childhood, but consistently find themselves being pulled back. On the outside, everything looks well put together, some would even say perfect, but on the inside they are suffering in silence. Let’s break the silence together.

My approach to therapy is unique in that I don’t want you to just have the coping skills to manage day to day challenges, although you’ll get those too. I primarily focus on tapping into the core of the issues, the wounds that contribute to the daily breakdowns (the crying for no reasons, being annoyed by the “small” things, the anger that you keep trying to push down) and heal those so that they stop wreaking havoc on your self-worth, your relationships, and your overall life.

I approach therapy from a person-centered theory, multicultural counseling theory, and feminist theory, which allows me to meet each client where she is. I also utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as an intervention. If you’re ready to feel liberated from the expectations of external sources, I’m ready to support you in that.

Start your healing journey today.

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