I'm Dr. C, a licensed psychologist at The Black Girl Doctor, a virtual therapy practice that specializes in the mental health of professional Black women.

I specialize in working with survivors of trauma and am trained in a number of evidence-based trauma treatments including EMDR, CPT, and Prolonged Exposure. I have a passion for supporting others in healing professions who would like to focus on: self-care, self-improvement, preventing burnout, improving work/life balance, processing vicarious trauma, increasing self-awareness/introspection, confronting internalized bias, or addressing other issues negatively impacting their work and/or personal lives. I have extensive experience working with individuals facing: life transitions, bereavement, loss, racial oppression, cultural stress, community violence, spirituality concerns, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, body image distortion, pre- and postpartum adjustment, terminal illnesses, as well as, feelings of hopelessness, apathy, disconnection, and general life dissatisfaction. I also immensely enjoy connecting with individuals who are interested in engaging in therapy for the purpose of: personal growth, self-exploration, increasing their capacity for connection, as well as, those who simply want to enhance the overall quality of their lives.

I am a warm, genuine, and empathic clinician, that incorporates a relationally oriented, strengths-based therapeutic approach rooted in psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral theories of practice. A key foundation for success in therapy is the establishment of an authentic and trusting professional relationship between client and therapist. I strive to co-create this foundation by valuing the wealth of expertise each person holds about their life and incorporating a collaborative approach to identifying and addressing therapy goals. I utilize reflection, empathic confrontation, and interpersonal feedback to foster insight and self-understanding regarding the internal and external factors that keep us stuck in unhealthy cycles. I ultimately believe that optimal wellness lingers in the balance between seeking the courage required to confront the areas of our lives and aspects of ourselves that call for change; and gathering the wisdom and resilience necessary to accept the aspects of our existence and past experiences that cannot be altered.

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