I help anxious people build a life they love! Are you so good at pushing through problems that no one notices how much you're struggling? If nothing changed, life would be overwhelming. I’ve been there before…feeling lost and trapped. Suffocated by anxiety. It’s miserable feeling like anxiety is taking over, interfering with relationships, work, and feeling just burned out. If you’re here, you can likely relate. When clients first start therapy with me, they're struggling with anxiety and overwhelm, too. Check out my website to learn more about how I help people get rid of anxiety: todaypsychologist.com
Because I’m a specialist in anxiety as a clinical psychologist, I’ve gotten really good at getting to the root of people’s anxiety. Instead of managing symptoms, we’ll be digging deep and healing from within. I don’t see therapy as a bandaid, but rather, good therapy is like surgery. Anxiety is the wound. Together, we'll do the work to help you truly heal!
I won't bore you with my credentials, but I do want this site to help you know whether we'll be a great fit. You'll be truly heard in sessions. I'll be active and not just nodding/listening. You'll feel safe and supported, like a refuge to talk openly with no judgment. Like my clients, you'll find me as being warm, knowledgeable, thorough, and open.

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