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Ok let’s be honest and talk about why you’re here... Maybe you’ve been told by others that you should talk to someone about the challenges you’re facing. You've probably dismissed the notion because you may think you’re not going through a life altering experience …but maybe a part of you is. The part of you that usually has it all under control is actually struggling this time around and that’s the part that brought you here. Because if you’re honest, this transition is actually new territory and deep down it’s terrifying.

Maybe you’re scared to fail or to disappoint and as the strong individual you are maybe that in itself is hard to admit. Or perhaps you’ve actually accomplished all you’ve set out to do in order to live a fulfilling and joyous life. On the outside, everything is in its place. Yet, if you’re honest with yourself, something still feels off. You continue to fight battles no one else sees.

Maybe one of these experiences struck a chord…maybe not. Nevertheless, the fact is that you’re still here and something kept you here until the end. Maybe that’s what you connected to. So if we’re being honest…maybe that’s just enough to be your impetus for change.

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