Hi! My name is Alli and I have over a decade of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with various behavioral and mental health needs.

I meet all of my clients from a place humility and feel a great sense of honor that they trust me to assist in their therapeutic journey. I view therapy as a partnership, and my role is to help you identify the root cause of current struggles, develop effective coping skills, and use your current strengths to meet personal goals. I don't use a text book, one method fits all approach. Instead, I draw from different modalities and constantly seek to implement strategies that work best for your individual needs. I'm always open to nontraditional therapy settings (e.g. taking a walk, sitting in the park, etc.) for our sessions. My primary purpose is to work WITH you to determine the best way I can support you through your personal journey. Even if that means referring you to someone that may be a better fit, because your progress and healing is most important, and therapy serves no purpose if I can't effectively assist you in reaching your goals.

As Black women, we have historically put our own personal needs (and sometimes growth) aside in order to be the backbone of our families, romantic relationships, friendships, jobs, etc. We often become desensitized to the daily stressors that add continuous weight on our strong shoulders. There are also times where we can't communicate our needs or overly internalize criticism. We can be filled with self-doubt and low self-esteem. Unfortunately, this can all lead to overlooking or dismissing low moods, anxiousness, increased irritability, fatigue, and low motivation. We might ignore the "little" headaches, increased blood pressure, and other aches and pains that often result from chronic stress, unprocessed trauma, and other life experiences.

The fact that you're reading this bio means you've taken a courageous step forward in your own personal healing and well-being. Whether you work with me or another therapist, I'm sending supportive vibes your way as you begin this journey of self-reflection, self-awareness, improved relationships with others and yourself, and many other positive and life-changing outcomes.

My availability includes evenings and weekends (virtual only). Give me a call so we can discuss your needs and determine if I am a good fit for you!

Please check-out the other amazing therapists in my practice by visiting our website at www.thecourageousyou.com.

I am currently accepting supervisees for LCSW Supervision.

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