Have you felt that despite your efforts you continue to feel anxious or unable to stop worrying? Perhaps you have unsuccessfully tried to make some changes and feel stuck? I believe that our thoughts directly influence our feelings and behaviors. Together, we can work to collaboratively identify your strengths to foster a sense of self-awareness and create new perspectives. By understanding your thinking styles and formulating a plan specifically tailored to YOU, we can face those challenges and overcome fears

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in the treatment of anxiety related disorders. I have also received extensive training and certifications in the treatment of anxiety, perfectionism, and navigating change. Above all, I remind women of who they already are!

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Many women find themselves overwhelmed by fears, procrastinating on goals, or doubting their abilities. These issues are often a result of anxiety and lead to self-imposed barriers that hinder your journey to success. Anxiety Bootcamp was designed provide a virtual opportunity to work with Dr. Alicia in the wellness space, it is not group therapy. Anxiety Bootcamp is a six session wellness group for women looking to make a change. Participants will learn about anxiety, examine their thought patterns, and acquire specific strategies to gain a new perspective.