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Feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, abandonment and rejection are inherent to the human condition. You may struggle with these feelings when you experience losses, transitions, relational separations, or instances of systemic injustice. You may be dissatisfied in your career or unsure of how to actualize your dreams. You may also feel disconnected with no intimate network of support, which can contribute to heightened depression and shame. Thankfully, my clinical training and experiences as a Black woman and African ex-pat in the U.S., have shown me that genuine connection and multicultural competency are crucial in therapy.

I therefore provide a safe space for you to unpack your painful burdens without feeling judged or condemned. We can identify and dismantle the effects of shame in your life, so you can experience the power of vulnerability. We can also work on uncovering your true identity and reclaiming your agency so you can experience wholeness in all areas of life.

We often get stuck in unhealthy cycles because of self-defeating thoughts and beliefs. Sadly, our communities can sometimes contribute to these cycles, and can shame us into hiding our pain. If this resonates, I would be honored to walk alongside you. Together we can uncover the toxic messages affecting your mental health so you can heal and flourish!

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