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In my 14 years in mental health, I learned a greater understanding to the experience of healing. Healing is not an experience to say you are broken or need to be fixed. Instead, it is importantly about BECOMING BETTER. To become better, sometimes you need another individual to provide a safe space to release and receive what you need with care and without judgment. When entering into this space with me, I am a therapist that provides proven therapeutic approaches. Still, I believe when you combine with pillars of SELF (self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love, etc.), your internal and external results are more sustaining.

Becoming better involves learning who you are and knowing how to accept SELF regardless of your challenges, diagnosis, or life circumstances. My approach is strength-based, honest, empathetic, and motivating. I work with my clients in supporting them on the journey of doing their inner work to feel and become stronger with growing mentally and emotionally.

I invite you to a therapeutic experience that embraces YOU being the source of becoming better/healing in areas of your life. I am committed to helping you release and receive what you need therapeutically to move beyond the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that keep you from living with peace, happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of resolve.

I offer both Therapy and Self-Love Coaching. Coaching Options are in Gallery images or website.

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