Do you often feel on edge, fatigued, or irritable? Do you feel like there are no other options or that no one is listening? Do you feel like you struggle to focus on the present because of so much thought on the past? Do you isolate or often feel down? These are all common for many of us at different parts of our lives. Many of us need support and struggle to discover who and what resources we have so that we may overcome life stressors. Therapy could be just what you need to tap into your best you! You have made a major step in your mental health journey just by searching for a therapist to fit your needs.

My name is Dominique Jackson-Pittman and I am an LCSW working with individuals who struggle with issues rooted in depression, anxiety, and trauma. I have been in the helping profession for 10 years, with 5 of those being a therapist. I have a passion for helping individuals, families, and groups overcome difficulties and life stressors. I believe in meeting the client where they are at and providing a judgement-free space for exploration of thoughts and feelings.

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