You are a perfectionist at heart. Sometimes a bit rigid and like for things to be the way you want them. But being a perfectionist comes with a price. It stops you from expressing yourself to others for fear that they will get upset with you for being honest. It stops you from being vulnerable with yourself and others for fear that you will be misunderstood and judged. It stops you from manifesting the life you want to live for fear that others will judge you for even believing that you could be greater than you are right now. It stops you from being balanced mentally/emotionally/physically/spiritually.

You want to be accepted not only by others but by yourself and experience a love, compassion, and kindness that only you can give to yourself. You want to know what it is like to walk through life feeling confident to the point that you exude inner strength, authenticity and good intentions.

You have thought about therapy but always felt as though your “problems” were not major because of the response you would get from others when you tried to express the deep levels of hurt within you. Making the decision to seek therapy is hard because you don’t know if someone will understand you and most importantly if you can be healed. I help women with trauma, anxiety and depression learn to cope with the stress, anger, grief and sadness that are common for those with invisible wounds. I give you tools and strategies you can use immediately to start healing your anxiety, sadness, helplessness and desire to be accepted for who you truly are.

I use four powerful techniques called EMDR, Yoga Therapy, Trauma Focused Therapy and Holistic Psychotherapy to help calm and regulate your mind and body.

I am an Out of Network Provider (Self Pay/Private Pay). I charge $160 per session and I offer sliding scale options as well. I provide receipts/superbills for reimbursement with insurance companies as well.

Practice Details