As a holistic practitioner I believe that all things are connected; mind, body and spirit and with this I treat the whole person.

Within my practice I provide CBT with a focus on Post Traumatic Relationship Disorder. The term "PTRD" was birthed out of my own struggles...not having a term to define what I was going through when experiencing a great deal of anxiety from past relationship traumas creating upset stomach, headaches and sleepless nights. I remember being afraid to trust people and having so much fear around creating love relationships.

I felt like I needed a concrete reason why this was happening. So I did my own research and came up with a term I coined in hopes that it will give someone clarity as to why this is also happening in their life.

Along with CBT I support clients with Solution Focused Brief therapy to help clients create “right now” tools to use as they begin to understand their triggers, Narrative Therapy that will help you to re-create a narrative for your life that is healthy, empowering and most of all screams “HEALING! and other forms of therapy to get you to a space that feels safe and empowered.

I want to support clients in understanding they’re NOT the trauma they’ve experienced. I want to help you to understand that you deserve healthy relationships within your life; healthy friends who love and accept you…who are consistent and most of all understand their own trauma and how it affects the way in which they treat others.

I am here to help you to DISRUPT the patterns of Post Traumatic Relationship Disorder within your life, help you to believe that YOU ARE NOT YOUR TRAUMA and support you in creating a path to new and healthy behaviors, creating boundaries that will keep you emotionally safe and ultimately support you in gaining the life in you desire!

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