Hi! My name is Dr. Devin N. Bailey! I am a dual-certified nurse practitioner in family medicine and psychiatry! I absolutely love the holistic and integrative approach to medicine; helping people reconnect their mind-body-spirit as this disconnection is often the source of our dis-ease!

Hence why our clinic name includes the word "Afya", Swahili for wholeness of mind, body & spirit; health (freedom from physical and psychological disease)!

The ideal patient for my clinic would be the patient who is interested in both conventional and non-conventional healing modalities-utilizing faith, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, relationships, in addition to medication and therapy as medicine!

Our sessions begin with an initial workup and evaluation of all parts of you; mind-body-spirit, to allow for us to create a plan that produces results because it considers your wholeness-Afya!

Practice Details